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For more than twenty-five years, Homes by Hanes has built high-quality, innovative homes. Because each family is unique, we have never built the same home twice. Each home is designed to meet the special needs and desires of its owners, and built to last for generations. As you enter a home by Homes by Hanes, you'll notice the quality workmanship and attention to detail. You'll be swept away by the style and elegance . . . Call us at (972) 935-2544. We know how to build homes!


What makes your new home by Hanes truly special is the old-world craftsmanship that goes into it long before the finishing touches are added. It all starts with the extra piers, steel, beams and concrete - but it takes more than that to set a foundation that will never crack. It takes experience and dedication. David Hill oversees the pouring and preparation of every foundation. It's not ready until it gets his O.K. No foundation built by Homes by Hanes has ever cracked! Call us at (972) 935-2544. We know how to build homes.


Good foundations make all the difference. No structure can be better than its foundation. The foundation must be right if the house is to endure. In this case we have removed undesirable soil and replaced it with select fill.

Here we are drilling piers . We prefer to drill until we are two feet deep into bedrock. In one case that might be six feet deep, and in another case it might be 20 feet deep. The piers are filled with steel and concrete, then trowelled smooth and level with one another so they function like columns under a bridge.

Now we're ready to make the foundation slab. Notice the deep beams under the load bearing walls. The beams are 30 inches deep with six 5/8ths inch rebars. Concrete has great compression strength, but little tensile strength. The tensile strength comes from the steel. The more steel, the stronger the foundation. Additional steel is placed at inherently weaker locations, such as piercings and corners.

The steel should be well tied to keep it in place. Here we see the final stages, deep beams over piers. Then packed sand covered with a vapor barrier, The floor has steel on 12 inch centers.. The floor will be six inches thick.

This concrete contains five sacks of portland cement per cubic yard of concrete. The aggregate is crushed limestone. We keep the water content low to prevent segregation of the mix.

Detail. Detail. Detail. Get it right. Get it right.

After 25 years and hundreds of homes we have never had a slab failure.


Once we have a solid foundation, we're ready to build a strong frame. Here we are using wind braces in the interior walls and then sheeting the exterior walls with OSB plyboard to produce great wind load strength. Good lumber is important, but beams are absolutely essential. It's awesome what we're able to do with wood.

Long spans are achieved with the use of  laminated beams. Often we combine wood and steel. 

If you want it to last and never sag, make it strong.

To keep the wood dry we wrap the house in a water shield. This product allows the house to breathe but stay dry. This is only one of the series of steps we take to produce a healthy home.

A properly built home should last for generations - but it takes the finest materials and skilled artisans to achieve that kind of quality. Homes By Hanes uses only the best materials, along with experienced craftsmen dedicated to building a home that can weather the ages. Call us at (972) 935-2544. We know how to build homes!


What's inside a Homes By Hanes home? How about accommodating home offices, luxurious bedroom suites, spacious dressing areas, whirlpool spa tubs, scintillating mirrored vanities, separated glass shower enclosures . . . Anything You Want! Call us at (972) 935-2544. We know how to build homes!

Finished homes

A Homes by Hanes Home exudes captivating beauty the moment you arrive - and continuing throughout . . . You will find imposing brick and stone exteriors . . . soaring roof-lines . . . We pay particular attention to numerous amenities that reflect the homeowners uniqueness and individual life styles. Landscaped patios, pools and decks provide an oasis for family enjoyment. Call us at (972) 935-2544. We know how to build homes!


David Hill is a Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) , Certified Green Professional (CGP), and Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS). David is active with Ellis County Home Builders Association and is on the Board of Greater Dallas Home Builders Association. Call us at (972) 935-2544. We know how to build homes!

The Hanes Difference

What makes the Hanes Difference? Stronger, Healthier, Elegant, and Built to Last. Wall construction behind the paint, reflective surface on the roof decking, hurricane strapping for strong winds, anchor bolts to the concrete, all designed to resist tremendous wind forces. Tyvek is used to block wind but allow the wall to breathe and it is impervious to liquid water. Low E glass reflects infrared, ultraviolet rays and heat, it also keeps environmental factors out while keeping inside factors in. Call us at (972) 935-2544. We know how to build homes!

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